Turn Your Bedroom a Sleep Sanctuary

Turn Your Bedroom a Sleep Sanctuary

At the end of the day climbing into bed after a long day is therapeutic. Be intentional in creating a serene, soothing space for you to retreat to rest, reset, and refresh.

When your bed is soft and cuddly, your body loves to snuggle in comfortable sheets. Transforming the vibe of your bedroom will help you create a tranquil space where your body can naturally relax and let go of a worrying mind. Getting a good night’s sleep in such a haven is easy!

Here are some easy-to-apply secrets to making your bedroom into a sleep sanctuary.

Declutter and Remove Distractions

Clutter comes from the word ‘clot’.

Clutter in your bedroom can represent many things clotting your progress, peace of mind, happiness, and more. Let go of all that doesn’t serve you, including what’s under the bed. The more you have space in your bedroom lighter you will feel in your mind, and a lighter mind relaxes instantly.

Remove all distractions from your bedroom, including the photo frames, except for you and your partner. A bedroom is a place to relax and not have a stimulus of the past. Avoid having any devices like TV or gaming consoles in your bedroom. You can take a book or two to bed that helps you relax to sleep, but not a bookshelf. Find what distracts you and let it go.

Temperature, Smell, Sound, and Light

Now it's time to adjust the subtler aspects that accentuate your bedroom experience.

Find a temperature that is comfortable for you and your partner. Ensure that it is not too cool, just enough to help you relax. If you are hot from a long day’s work, it's essential to cool your body down by taking a shower.

While aromatherapy is a great way to create a calming environment by promoting deep relaxation, be careful while choosing the scents. Some oils could have a stimulating effect on one and a soothing effect on another.

If you struggle with external noises disturbing your sleep, a white noise sound machine can be helpful. Alternatively, you can play soothing music in the background.

Our biological clock is connected with light. Therefore, it is vital to tune yourself to sleep in darkness, so your body knows its time to unwind. Choose dim lights that make you drowsy and lead you to sleep. Avoid exposure to any devices at least an hour before your sleep time.

Bedroom Colors and Layout

As a thumb rule, remember to have no stimulus in your bedroom- from colors to objects. We are going for a calming, serene, tranquil vibe! Hence, choose softer, warmer, and neutral colors for your bedroom walls, furniture, bed, mattress, sheets, etc. If currently, your bedroom is a mix of colors, slowly work towards making it neutral.

One can’t relax in such a space that is cramped up. Re-arrange all the furniture to make your room feel airier and more spacious. Free up some floor space, tuck the drawers in a corner, add some indoor plants- make intuitive changes and see the aura of your bedroom transform into a nurturing haven.

Mattress and Bedding

An important part of a good night’s sleep is having the right mattress and the bedding. Thanks to the awareness shared by the sleep experts and medical professionals, people are taking the time to get educated about choosing the correct mattress and bedding.

Depending on your sleeping style, pressure points, body type, body weight, body temperature, is important to pick a mattress that helps your body relax and relieve the pain. The same goes for the pillow as well.

Until recently, the beddings' role was in a good night’s sleep wad ignored. However, investing in the right bedding is as essential as a mattress. Choose beddings made from soft organic cotton with natural cooling properties that soothe your body. In addition, beddings are closest to you in your bed and hence, an essential factor in helping you calm down.

At Good Sleep Bedding we have you covered bed sheets, duvet covers, pillowcases, fitted sheets are all handcrafted from pure long-staple Egyptian cotton that is comfortable, breathable, and hypo-allergic. Egyptian cotton is the finest cotton in the world. Beddings handcrafted from it are ultra-soft, luxurious, and truly comfortable with cooling properties. The gentle colors will soothe your mind or choose a bright color that will cheer you up and help you fall asleep happy!

Just snuggle into our soft, plush, sateen sheets, it promises you a good night’s sleep!

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