We all know the benefits of a good night's sleep. Good sleep for a good life, is our mantra! A well rested, body and mind is directly related to our daily productivity and wellness. So waking up refreshed full of energy, to conquer the world with our soft, breathable and eco-friendly bedding products is what we aim for. Did you know we spend nearly a third of our life sleeping?

Our company started as a family business to uplift the a small local market in India. Friends, family and the local customers loved our premium quality products and suggested that we take our product to different countries.  That is how the idea from local to global was born

Our factory is over a decade old and is based in India.

Our cotton is sourced locally from small farmers and the production process is eco-friendly and hand crafted by in our factory in India.

All of our products are made of long-staple - 100% Egyptian Cotton?

Egyptian cotton is smaller in diameter than regular cotton. The long fibres create smooth yarns which produces soft, breathable fabric when woven with a hand made feel.

Egyptian Cotton guarantees the highest lever of purity. Bedding range of products made of Egyptian cotton are softer, finer and last longer than other varieties of cotton. Plus the strength of the fiber makes the fabric strong and provides resistance to stress helping people have a good night sleep

We try focus on our customers need – so the best features for a good night’s sleep is part of our basket. Our products are soft & luxurious, organic & chemically free, breathable & cooling And finally durable & affordable.

Our products come in a 100% cotton fabric pouch that is printed with environmentally friendly ink. Put the pouch in the laundry and it is ready for you to reuse for home storage, sweaters, clothes and other articles.

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Avoid using bleaches and high heat during wash. Use mild detergents and store them away from sunlight.

Yes you can wash the sheets at home and can use a machine for the wash

Advised for a medium to short wash and tumble try on heat. Recommendation is non chorine and avoiding very hot iron.


Yes, customization can be done. You can send the exact requirements by clicking on “Contact Us” page

We currently do not offer this service but we are working towards it


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