Is thread count important when buying sheets?

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One of the essential things to look for when buying bed sheets are that they are 100% organic cotton with sateen weave. The ones who value sleeping on soft luxurious beddings 100% Egyptian cotton sheets woven with long staple cotton is your best choice.

When buying a premium 100% Egyptian cotton sheets understanding the thread count helps in making an info purchase decision.

What is thread count?

It simply means the number of threads used per square inch of fabric. So, for example, if there are 200 threads used in a square inch of a fabric, its thread count is 200. If there are 800 threads used in a square inch of a fabric, its thread count is 800.

So, a fabric with higher threads is better quality, finer and softer.

Threads themselves vary in quality, depending on how they were constructed, and from what variety of plant they are sourced.

A Word of Caution

Does that mean everyone who claims higher thread quality delivers premium quality? No.

Some manufacturers go to the extent of polishing, waxing, and treating it with chemicals to make their bedding seem softer. Quality 100% Egyptian cotton bedsheets get softer and softer after each wash.

Many companies misuse this fact by manipulating the thread count. When the thread count has higher threads using a single ply of superior quality long-staple yarn, it qualifies for the authentic luxurious quality. However, many companies twist together many lower quality threads to make one multi-ply thread. They then count each of these low-quality threads to increase the count. 

At Good Sleep Bedding, we are committed to providing only premium products. Every aspect of our beddings is examined and optimised to deliver genuinely luxurious products.

Our weave is crafted from single-ply high-quality yarn of Egyptian cotton. So, the thread counts we display are authentic. Hence, we don’t offer products with less than 400 thread counts. And, you have to be wary of anyone offering threads counts of 1500 or higher.

Importance of Sateen Weave:

For generations, sateen weave has been passed to create plush, ultra cozy and smooth sheets. Over every three threads, a thread is rolled over, creating a tight, firm and soft fabric.

sateen weaven - thread structure

Note: When this is done with singly-ply thread as we do, it weaves out the gorgeous sheets where you will melt into sleep easily.

However, when you consider all aspects involved in getting a cozy good sleep, you can see why a certain thread count would work for you better than another. For instance, if you stay in an area with a warmer climate and your body’s natural ability is to warm up fast, then a 400 to 600 thread count is best for you.

Based on our research and experience of our hundreds of customers we have developed this chart to help you pick your sleeping sheet partner.

Thread Count

Body Heat





Warmer To Hot


Soft and Plush,

Light Weight



Summer and Autumn

Crisp, Smooth

Perfect Weight


Cooler to Cold

Autumn and Winter

Buttery Smooth

Refined elegance

Exquisite Thickness




Luxuriously Smooth, Rich Plush

Crisp and Thick

The bottom line is thread count is an essential factor when choosing plush bedding. However, one needs to weed out multi-ply thread counts as they are poor imitations of authentic premium bedding.

Gift yourself the good sleep that you deserve with our ultra-soft and plush sheets!
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