Joys of Motherhood and Sleepless Nights

Joys of Motherhood and Sleepless Nights

There are many odes to ‘mother’ and stories shared on motherhood to fill our hearts. The relationship between daughters and mothers, sons and mothers, while complex to say the least, is one filled with fun, laughter, disagreements, fights, and unfiltered motherly love. Considered the most fulfilling journey, motherhood comes with extreme joys and complex trials at every stage of raising a child.

So, what can you gift a mother this Mother's Day?

Lack of sleep seems to be an accepted part of being a mom. But, it doesn’t have to be so. It is time we neutralize the concept that lack of sleep is a normal thing for a mother because it severely affects mothers' mental and physical health. The instances of insomnia, sleep apnea, and other sleep disorders are rising amongst mothers of all ages. 

Starting from pregnancy to becoming a new mom, mom of a toddler, mom of a teen, adolescent, youth, leads mothers to prioritize the well-being of their child, even at the cost of her well-being, even at the cost of losing a good night’s sleep.

According to an article on Healthline, every new parent loses 109 minutes of their sleep every night in the first year of having a baby. Commonly, the lack of sleep leads to postpartum depression. 

Tips to a Good Night’s Sleep for Sleep-Deprived Moms 

Let Mother’s Day 2022 be the time when moms commit to getting a good night’s rest. So let's dive into some simple yet effective tips for moms to get a restful night’s sleep.

  • Take a nap when the baby naps. 
  • Know that your task list is never-ending, so don’t stress about ticking it off. Instead, live one hour at a time. 
  • Receive the help of friends and family to keep your child engaged so that you can get a few hours of nap. 
  • Get some fresh air and focus on exercising every day. Being engaged in physical activities of taking care of your child doesn’t qualify as exercise. 
  • Have a play hour with your child every day where the child has your undivided attention. It will nourish your relationship with your little one and with yourself as a mother. In addition, such undivided playtime can melt all mental judgments you may have about yourself. A relaxed mind sleeps easily. 

This Mother’s Day make small changes in your life to ensure you get a good night’s sleep:

  • Gift yourself at least 30 minutes in the morning to do things that you enjoy-meditation, walking, reading, exercising, gardening, etc. The ripple effect of this centering will help you move through the day with ease. 
  • Learn a few deep breathing exercises that can come in handy in stressful situations. 
  • Draw clear boundaries in every area of your life. For example, don’t let your work slip over your time and vice-versa. It helps your mind to stop ruminating and creating stress. If you start now, by next Mother’s Day, you will realize how stress-free your life has been! 
  • Develop and nurture hobbies that bring you joy and soothe your soul.
  • Ensure your seating arrangement at work is conducive to your body type. For example, many people don’t get a good night's sleep because of all the aches induced by their work chairs. 
  • Last and the most important are your mattresses and bedding arrangements. It is one investment you will thank yourself for forever.

Role of Beddings in a Mom’s sleep care routine to consider this Mother’s Day

Moms of 2022 have mastered multi-tasking, juggling between zoom calls and caring for their kids. In addition, mothers today understand the importance of self-care. Creating a sleep sanctuary, relaxing and unwinding, and carefully choosing organic cotton sheets that are chemical-free are integral to their self-care routine. 

Good Sleep Bedding handcrafts soft and plush 100% Egyptian cotton beddings for a restful night’s sleep. Known for its natural cooling properties that help prevent night sweats,  Egyptian Cotton sheets from Good Sleep Bedding alleviate stress instantly, soothing you into a deep slumber in the most natural way. Rejuvenating moms with a good night’s sleep is the best gift we can give. 

Sweet dreams, mommy!

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