How does egyptian cotton make a difference?

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We have all faced the repercussion of losing a night’s sleep. If you don’t have a cozy sleeping environment, chances are your body is not receiving the rest it needs to rejuvenate. That’s why it is essential to get premium quality bedding that you love to slide into. 

Egyptian cotton, on the other hand, consist of extra-long fibers, which are smaller in diameter, yet much stronger than other types of cotton, making textiles made from it not only softer, but also more durable. Over the years, these fibers have been optimized for the best cloth.

So, why is it that sheets made from luxury Egyptian cotton are promising to help you sleep well?

Essential of A Best Quality Bed Sheet

The key ingredient of a luxurious premium quality bed sheet is - its fibre! 

The cotton fibres attached to its seed inside the ‘boll’ define the quality of the final material. The longer the threads attached, the better quality of the cotton. 

Egyptian cotton is responsible for 40% of the world’s long, thin and extra thin fibre cotton production, making it a superior one.

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So, Is it only in Egyptian Cotton

While such quality cotton grows in some other parts of the world, they lack consistency in the quality because of the temperatures.

The soil's richness is due to the Nile River and the moderate climate that runs around the year- Egypt produces the finest cotton. Good Sleep Bedding sources this finest cotton to make our premium beddings.

Yarm made of such cotton is deliciously smooth, soft and strong. Bedsheet made from it is a warm cuddle soothing your body to a good sleep effortlessly. 

Why are thread counts important?

A thread count tells you no of threads in every square of the fabric. The threads determine your sheets' strength, softness, and smoothness- the higher the count, the more luxurious the sheet.

For instance, a sateen weave has more thread surface as it weaves under every three. This makes it so silky soft and gives a rich sheen that it feels like satin and hence, the name. 

Benefits of Egyptian Cotton bedsheets

  • Luxuriously soft Egyptian cotton sheets are more breathable than artificial fibres. It expels moisture and makes it very airy. 
  • When cared for, they last longer than any beddings. Over the years, they don’t lose their lustre or smoothness. 
  • It is the most skin-friendly bedding. People with sensitive skin have found comfort and ease in superior sheets made from Egyptian cotton. Made from the most premium quality of cotton, it is naturally skin-friendly. 
  • Luxurious Touch. Super Soft. Ultra Smooth. One touch of these sheets, and you are sure to melt into a restful sleep. And as it ages, it gets smoother and softer. 

With Good Sleep Bedding made from Egyptian cotton, you can enjoy the same luxury as the ancient Pharaohs. Wrapped in the superior quality of ultra-soft cotton sheets good night's sleep is promised. Treat yourself with it now.

There's more to Egyptian cotton than a simple label, but once you know what to pay attention to, you'll be a pro at selecting the best.

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